Fire Engineering

fire1Fire Safety Certificates

For new builds we usually begin with architectural design or planning drawings. For existing buildings we can survey the building and provide as-built drawings. We provide the drawings and all other documents required by fire authorities in order to process fire safety certificate applications. We have the experience and knowledge in the firm to provide fire safety design solutions that achieve both economy of design for our clients and compliance with fire safety regulations.


fire2Fire Engineering Design

Some large and complex buildings lend themselves to a fire engineering approach instead of the more traditional code compliant approach. Fire engineering is based upon developing a rational methodology for the design of a building using scientific and engineering principles for the protection of people, property and the environment from fire. It may in some cases fire engineering may be the only viable means of achieving a satisfactory standard of fire safety in large and complex buildings. A fire engineering approach will focus on detection, alarm & warning, automatic suppression, compartmentation, smoke control & venting, evacuation, means of escape, fire services facilities and fire safety management. The benefits of this approach are:

  • provide the designer with a disciplined approach to fire safety design;
  • allow the safety levels for alternative designs to be compared;
  • provide a basis for selection of appropriate fire protection systems;
  • provide opportunities for innovative design;
  • provide information on the management of fire safety for a building.


CFD Modelling

As part of a fire engineered approach we use computer programmes to obtain very detailed predictions of the flows of smoke & toxic gases rising from the fire over a period of time and give detailed data regarding fire spread, flashover and structural response. The software we use is FDS which was developed and is maintained by the American National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)

fire3Fire Safety Risk Assessments and Audits

A fire risk assessment and audit is a systematic and quantitative inspection of your building and the activities carried out in it in order to evaluate the possibility of fire occurring and if it does the likelihood of it spreading and causing harm to people and damage to the property. Our report will outline what works need to be carried out in order that the building complies with the relevant fire safety legislation.

Construction Inspection and Opinions of Compliance

For new building works, we provide site supervision during construction and we provide ancillary certificates and opinions of compliance in accordance with current Irish building control regulations with regards to Technical Guidance Document B Fire Safety.